poster for afuera

afuera is a modular outdoor furniture system designed to add warmth and green space to urban concrete landscapes.

afuera in use photo
afuera, close up of planter
afuera, cropped view from above
afuera, photo
afuera, close up of back

Detail shots of the bench – this is made with over 90% recycled Urbanjacks wood (including the bent laminated sections).

Initial 1:12 scale models of our concepts

Inspired by the neighborhood plazas in Vancouver, created during the pandemic by closing the ends of side streets adjacent to high foot-traffic areas, we wanted to bring nature and community into these predominantly asphalt and concrete spaces. We designed Afuera as a modular and configurable system. This allows it to be easily broken down into small, manageable sections for transportation and arranged to fit a wide variety of spaces.

Project by (right to left):

afuera team photo

The industrial design project from these students at Emily Carr University was focused on bringing people together. They are collaborating with Urbanjacks to create a beautiful space for people to connect.

See afuera in person at the Urbanjacks booth

California Green Building Conference

May 23 2024
The Beehive in South LA

Our exhibit for the 2024 California Green Building Conference