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Why Urbanjacks

Construction accounts for 75% of the 25 million tonnes of wood waste sent to Canadian landfills each year, emitting 250 kt of CO2 in our atmosphere.

We want to change this and reduce the depletion of our planet's resources. This is why we are focused on changing the current ways wood waste is being handled and give it a second chance to become a good piece of quality lumber. A piece of lumber we can feel good about.


worth of wood waste gets discharged every year in Canada


tonnes of wood waste are generated each year in Canada


tonnes of CO2 emitted annually via wood disposal


is spent annually on wood waste transport and disposal

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Diverting wood waste

Our forest is the urban jungle. Here, we gather wood waste from construction sites, the movie industry, and anywhere else we can find. We want to ensure it does not go to waste by getting burned, buried, or filling up landfills.

Let's work together to ensure this will not happen.

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Recycled lumber

From the wood waste, we create recycled dimensional lumber. A premium quality lumber that is stronger, straighter, and more sustainable than virgin lumber. Our wood is perfect for a wide range of non-structural projects. From crafting exquisite and cabinets to designing intricate wall paneling, DIY crafts, and so on. There are a lot of possibilities.

It is lumber that we are proud of as we with every piece are reducing wood waste, lowering CO2 emission, and steer towards a more sustainable future.

So, want to use our lumber for your next project?

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Who are we?

About us

We are Urbanjacks. A startup with a group dedicated and smart people working from the urban jungle. All focused on the same challenge of tackling the critical problem of wood waste.

Our team

Aaron Laslo

BIG boss man

Matt Hermann

Crazy wood guy

Gene Ho

Big business boy

Nicolai Fedderholdt


Sterling Cioban

Hardest working of us all

Tim Kürzinger

He got wood

Friends and partners

These amazing and organizations companies are already working with us to change the ways of wood waste handling and move towards a more sustainable future.

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